17 Ways To Increase Engagement With Zoom

Gamification in Learning

Superb Learning presents 17 Ways To Increase Engagement With Zoom to help you engage your audience in the Zoom platform.

This ‘17 Ways To Increase Engagement With Zoom’ PDF contains:

  • Tips on ways to increase engagement with Zoom.
  • Guides in preparing a Zoom-based event.
  • What are the DO’s and DONT’s on conducting the event.
  • The tools and equipment you need to produce a successful event.

...that will guide you to:

  • Have a successful event program flow.
  • Know the technicalities of the platform.
  • How you can prepare yourself for the program.
  • Point out the topics that can help you gain your audience attention
  • Engage your learners in the program matter and even in your course!

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